Casinos are powerful magnets for travelers. Players book flights to visit global gambling hubs, such as Macau. This ensures a flow of money into the local economy. Not surprisingly, many governments are keen on developing their gambling attractions. Naturally, local legislation affecting casinos varies from location to location. Here are a few examples.

The United States

Since 2015, Las Vegas, has been receiving around 42 million tourists annually. The figures are hardly surprising. In the state of Nevada, gambling has been perfectly legal since the early 1930s. All local regulations are developed and enforced by The Nevada Gaming Commission and Control Board.

First, any employee (with the exception of waitresses and bartenders) involved in the industry has to register with the state authorities and acquire a valid gaming work permit. The legal age for entering a land-based casino is 21. The same applies to buy alcohol. Even though kids are allowed to use public walkways, they may not approach any slot machines or tables.

For a player, it is essential to understand the tax laws. IRS (Internal revenue Service) obliges all casinos to withhold a portion of winnings when they go beyond a certain amount. This varies from 25 to 30%. For example, for a foreign gambler, the withheld amount is 30%. The 25% rate applies to local residents when the total amount goes over $5,000.


Macau is a global hub that caters to high spenders thanks to its incredible VIP services. As a high roller, you can enjoy multiple benefits of golden membership benefits, including private gambling rooms and other incredible amenities. As a resident or foreign visitor, you have to be at least 21 to play. All local casinos are controlled by the Gaming Inspection and Coordination Bureau. Cases of violation lead to fines that range between $125 and $1,253. establishments that fail to comply with state rules may pay from $1,253 to $62,650 in fines. Interestingly, online forms of gambling are prohibited, with the exception of sports bets and horse racing. However, it is possible to use offshore websites for casino and poker.


Another popular destination, Singapore has its own legal peculiarities. First, there are essentially only two land-based establishments licensed to provide such services. Marina Bay Sands and Resorts World Sentosa have both been designed based on Vegas.

Like in the USA, the legal age here is 21. Legal casinos operate on the condition that they mostly cater to foreigners. Hence, local residents have to pay $80 for a daily pass or $1,600 for annual membership just to enter either of the casinos.

The two establishments are the only places where poker is played legally. Bingo games are forbidden in the country, and online platforms have been outlawed since 2013.