The pace of contemporary life requires a lot of efforts to stay on-stream. Stress and overfatigue are challenged by most people across the globe. These so much desired several weeks of vacation per year are to be spent in the best possible way.

For millions of people, gambling, online or offline, is one of the most effective ways to get distracted from everyday routine. However, it may happen that in a family, only one member is fond of casinos and gambling. Or a person who is used to gamble online cannot find time to go to a real casino.

The response to these is the same – gambling resorts. These are alluring hotels which entertain guest with diverse shows, concerts, as well as have swimming pools, saunas, spa, massage services, numerous restaurants, pubs, beach clubs, and casinos. Hence, every traveler will find an activity according to his or her desires and wishes.

Where Are the Best Casino Resorts?

The hotels which are most of all beloved by gamblers are in South Africa, Egypt, Monaco, China, Portugal, Spain, Argentina, and the Bahamas. Undoubtedly, Las Vegas and New Orlean are also on the list. Making an insight into the history, in the 90s, the most exquisite hotels with casinos were in the USA, while Asian resorts become more beloved in 2000s. After 2010, the Bahamas and other exotic destinations have reached the level of the world-class gambling resorts.

Top Hotels with Casinos Across the Globe


The Ibiza Gran Hotel and Casino Resort are located not far from the port. Aside from diverse gambling games, this is a hotel to spend a honeymoon or a weekend. With plenty of entertainments, travelers can find activities according to their wishes and budget.

Casino Lisboa was built in a big urbanized center which is not a touristic spot. Unfortunately, the surroundings may not attract travelers. However, the hotel itself deserves being visited for an unforgettable vacation.

Hotel de Paris in Monte Carlo is the resort which reminds of the royal, exquisite, and luxury life of princes and princesses. In the vicinity of a hotel, a traveler will find plenty of sightseeing spots, as well as diverse restaurants.


Hyatt Mendoza Casino and Spa Resort encompass colonial architecture and magnificent internal and outer beauty. The servicing is high class, while luxurious apartments deserve the highest rates. The wines are so delightful that a gambler may lose count of glasses, thus, has to be careful while tasting them.

South Africa

Sun City Resort is a huge complex which provides all the possible services – massages and spas, safari and wildlife experience, as well as the school for beginners in gambling. Even the most demanding tourists will be impressed.

Puerto Rico

This country is called Paradise on Earth. The Ritz-Carlton Hotel proves this statement. The coast with soft waves, live music, spa procedures, and an endless list of services including 24/7 casinos.


The Marriott Hotel used to be a palace in the past. It was redesigned as a gambling complex and hotel, royally exquisite and luxurious. The sightseeing spots of Egypt will not leave any traveler indifferent.

This list does not include Las Vegas’ casinos and others which are located in the USA. They have, undoubtedly, deserved their rating, however, the Eastern and exotic countries may offer a paradise vacation on the coast altogether with the thrill of gambling.